Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 Miles!

Funny that I would be so excited about this since at one point I actually DID run 13.2 miles! BUT, I have not run 5 miles in one run since prior to the "knee incident." I've stuck with 4.5 miles for my "long" runs for a couple months now. I was too scared to try to cross that 5-mile finish line. Plus, my knee would always seem to act up around mile 4, so I didn't want to push it.

Saturday I went for a beautiful run in the country, even with a few hills, and I felt incredible. I walked twice for about 30 seconds, but that was it! I came home, stretched, and felt as good as new! I tell you, running has some sort of magical powers. I pray that I can continue to run forever (well, "forever" as in my lifetime). It was such a blow when I couldn't run for 3 months after my bum knee kicked in. I would be pretty sad if I injured myself again. Here's a cool pic of a church at sunrise from a run a few weeks ago...