Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 Miles!

Funny that I would be so excited about this since at one point I actually DID run 13.2 miles! BUT, I have not run 5 miles in one run since prior to the "knee incident." I've stuck with 4.5 miles for my "long" runs for a couple months now. I was too scared to try to cross that 5-mile finish line. Plus, my knee would always seem to act up around mile 4, so I didn't want to push it.

Saturday I went for a beautiful run in the country, even with a few hills, and I felt incredible. I walked twice for about 30 seconds, but that was it! I came home, stretched, and felt as good as new! I tell you, running has some sort of magical powers. I pray that I can continue to run forever (well, "forever" as in my lifetime). It was such a blow when I couldn't run for 3 months after my bum knee kicked in. I would be pretty sad if I injured myself again. Here's a cool pic of a church at sunrise from a run a few weeks ago...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

50-miles and No-Sugar-Challenge

Well, I've signed myself up for the "50 miles in 30 days" challenge on It's not that far out of reach. Right now, I'm doing about 40 miles/month, so I just need to add another run in each week, and I should be good. Tonight I ran almost 3 miles, and I felt NO pain in my knee! I have noticed that when I run in the evening, my knee pain is often unnoticeable. I guess it's b/c I'm actually "warmed up." Even though I try to warm up a bit in the morning before I run, it just doesn't seem to work as well. So, I think I'll try to throw in Sunday evening runs if it's ok with Chris.

I'm out of control with my sugar intake. I don't know what happened to me this past month, but having Chris and the kids home has influenced me in bad ways. I seriously eat WAY too many desserts...bake stuff and then of course have to eat ice cream almost every day--I mean, the weather is 100+ degrees...what do you expect?? I have to reign this in or I'm gonna balloon out and lose whatever toning I may be getting back from running. So, a 30-day sugar-free challenge for me it is. I want to see if I notice a dramatic improvement in my energy levels. I've also been getting these *horrible* headaches that only last about 10 minutes, but when it comes on, everything I see seems way to bright and hurts my eyes, and I feel like I'm going to throw up. Even the kids talking normally makes my head feel like it's going to explode. It's very strange. So, until August 19th:

1. No desserts of any kind.

2. No added sugar drinks (which I don't drink anyway...except when I drink Iced Tea, and I add sugar...guess I'll try it unsweetened.)

3. Minimal refined carbs (white bread, white rice etc)

4. No sugar substitutes either

I'm putting it here so hopefully I'll stay accountable. I don't intend on staying sugar free forever, I just want to see if this makes a difference in how I feel.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Running, running, the joys of running!

Well, I've been consistently doing 4.5 miles on Sat. mornings with Heather and Amber! I still have to request walk breaks every 1.5 miles or so, but thankfully Amber is approaching the end of her pregnancy, so my knee issues are a welcome break for her, too! Amber missed this morning, so Heather and I did about 4.3 miles. The weather has been incredible for our runs--still cool, clear, sunny and thoroughly enjoyable. I just love running.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I ran a 1/2 mile!

Sad that this is so exciting to me...but I ran a 1/2 mile on Thursday! I started to feel tightness, not necessarily pain when I was almost done, but once I got home and stretched, I was good to go! I did it again on Friday. I'm wearing a knee brace, and I think it does help a bit in stabilizing my knee. If I could just get back up to some reasonable mileage, I would be ecstatic. I can't even begin to describe how incredible it was to be back outside running...even if it was just for 5 minutes. I have missed it so much!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, it's been 13 days since my last entry. After a week of "ice massaging" 3x/day religiously, I was still having the same problem with my knee. I finally cut back to 1x/day. I have read pretty much everything I can about ITBS online...gone to every everyone's different experiences. Some people get over it in a week, some people in 6 months...It seems that many people have had good results from chiropractic treatment, and so I decided to make an appointment for this afternoon. The last week I seem to have good days and bad days...I can't find any connection between my activities and what aggravates the knee, though. It just seems to randomly come and go.

Chris is working late today, and Caleb has baseball practice, so I canceled my appointment for this afternoon. I'm tempted to just wait it out another few weeks to see where I'm at. I do think I'm having more "good" days than "bad," so maybe I'll wait...

In other news, my bike/elliptical came! I've used it twice so far, and am SO happy to be sweating again. As gross as that sounds, it feels so good to be exerting some energy. I've been really consistent with my push-ups and sit-ups...I'm up to 52 consecutive push-ups and am doing my test tomorrow to see if I can pull off 200 consecutive sit-ups. I'm going to try the 200 squat challenge, but not sure if my knee will like that. I'm just happy to not be completely sedentary anymore...I just hope I can get back out there running before the weather gets cold again and the mornings are dark!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Physical "Therapy"

Went to my physical therapy appointment yesterday. He thinks it's my IT Band, too. Made me feel somewhat validated...

For some reason, he says most of my problem may be congenital. What?! You mean a 1/2 East Indian, 1/2 translucent-white person isn't built as a runner?? Ok, ok, maybe we have brains, but not athleticism. Regardless, I still love to run. I want to be out there like peanut butter wants to be on jelly. Bad news--I'm not built like a runner. Good news--I can *kind of* train myself to run like a runner. I guess the way my pelvis lines up makes me slightly turn my feet/legs outward when I run...whereas many women tend to run a bit knock-kneed. The doc told me to focus on turning my feet inward a bit more while I'm running...will do, doc, as I'm trying not to trip over my own feet.

He also suggested that I stop using an "ice pack" and switch to an "ice cup." Never heard of it. He told me to freeze water in a styrofoam cup (guess he's not into that whole global warming thing...) and then trim off the top inch or so and rub it quickly on my knee until it turns red and numb. Sounds like a blast. I tried it today...ummm...I don't think my skin was meant to get frostbite. Anyhoo, I'll give it a try for a week...2x a day. He said by the middle of next week I should notice a big improvement. If not, back to him I'll go...but as much as I enjoyed the peace and quiet in the little room, I hope I never have to go back there. That would mean I'm not better.

Well, I'm off to rub my knee with frozen water until I can feel no more...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sprained Lateral Ligament?

I went to the doc last Friday...she says I have a sprained lateral ligament on my left knee. I dunno, though...I'm still wondering if it's my IT Band. I pretty much have every one of the "symptoms" of ITBS, it's almost textbook. I mentioned it to the doctor, but she said I would be feeling the pain all the way up the side of my leg. I told her that I do, sometimes, but that most of the time it is concentrated in my knee. It seems that when I get up in the morning, is when I notice it on the outside of my leg...

At any rate, I am supposed to take 600 mg. of Ibuprofen for 10 days, continue my icing (it's getting a tad old...), and have a physical therapy appt. set for Thursday. I'm really looking forward to it, as I feel that he will really be able to tell me what is wrong with me, and hopefully be able to get me on the road to recovery. I truly am saddened by this situation. The weather has been incredible the last few weeks. I want to be out running so badly...I know I should be grateful it's not something more serious, but I'm just so sad. I'm already noticing my jeans getting tighter...

Friday, March 27, 2009


SO my knee was actually feeling better for a few days. I felt so encouraged the other night because for the first time when I got up off the couch, I didn't feel *any* pain in my knee! I still haven't run except for one time (a sad 1-miler with TWO walk breaks), and figured I would be ready this weekend to go out for a trial 1.5-er. But alas, this morning, I'm getting the kids ready for school and notice my knee is feeling a bit the time I got to the boys' preschool, I was back to hobbling around like I was the day after my injury! WHY?? It stinks! I want to get out there and run SO badly. I see people running, and I want to cry! I know, things could be MUCH much worse...but I feel so helpless. Since we no longer have a gym membership, I have no other sources of exercise at my fingertips, and I'm just so worried I'm going to lose all the progress I have made. Sigh...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last Thursday, Amber and I did our long run (it was supposed to be 9 miles, but thanks to my misguided navigation, it was almost 10), and there were a lot of tough hills. Around mile 6 or 7, I noticed my left knee was starting to act up. I really thought it was just my knees being my knees, and that I could keep running. We walked here and there, but it was definitely hurting by the end. I figured after I got home and stretched, I would feel better, and that I just might be a bit sore the next day. Boy was I wrong! I could barely walk the next day, and could not bend my leg. Whatever it is that I did is still there! I haven't had knee pain last this long before--it's been almost a week, and it's still bothering me. I tried to go out for a run yesterday with Amber and Heather, but about a 1/2 mile into it, I knew I wouldn't make it, and had to turn around and go home (thankfully the gals were nice and ran back with me since it was dark!)

This is the first time I feel worried about my knees. I really, REALLY don't want this to be something that keeps me from training. We only have about a month and a half until the 1/2 marathon, and I just can't afford to miss too many runs if I want to do it. I'm taking this week off from running, and am trying to ice when I can and take Ibuprofen. I *hope* it works! I will be so sad if I have to miss next week's runs...I'm feeling a bit discouraged, but I think it's a bit early for that. =)

In other news, I just completed Week 4 of the push-up challenge. Holy cow! I seriously thought I was gonna keel over after my last set. I think I'm going to repeat this week since my form really wasn't what it should have been in my last few sets. I'm also starting the 200 sit-up challenge today. I'm looking forward to it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If HE can do it...

Ok, this guy is amazing. Running his first 5k at 60 years old, and then at 70 years old, making a goal to run a marathon in each of the 50 states...and at 81, *completing* that goal?! Incredible. If this guy can do it, I sure as heck can, right? I mean, I'm not ready to train for a marathon yet, but when our kids are all in school, and they are a bit more independent, I think this is something I want to tackle. (Only one marathon for me, though...I don't feel a need to do FIFTY.) What an inspiration!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Too Much New on the Running Front...

I'm in Week 2 of my 100 push-up challenge, and so far, so good. It's tough, but surprisingly possible so far. I've been running Tue/Thur/Sat with Amber (on Tue/Thur, Heather comes too). We haven't gone more than 7.5 miles since my race, but that's been ok with me. Yesterday Amber planned a pretty run up in Penryn off of Butler Road. We got to go off-roading for a bit up a trail, and that was kinda cool. I noticed, however, toward the end of the run that my knees were acting up again. I really haven't felt pain in them for probably a few months now. I think it must be associated with the hills we did? The route really wasn't that bad, but there were some definite hills. I didn't even think about them being an issue since it's been so long since I've had problems. Today my knees are still bothering me. I think I'm gonna have to figure out a way to avoid hills when possible...other than that, nothing new...just starting to gear up for the American River Parkway 1/2 on May 2nd!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100 Push-Up Challenge!

I decided to take the 100 Push-Up Challenge! I took the initial test and fell into Rank 2 with 6 push-ups. Oh my goodness, that is so sad. I could have done more, I think, but I don't think I would have been doing them with the right form. So, this'll give me a challenge for the next 6 weeks! I'm thinking the 200 Sit-Up Challenge will be next!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Race Report!

Well, I made it! I finished in 2:06:11. I was SO happy with that time. My goal, as I said before, was 2:20. I found out I was 18 out of 41 women in my age group, and 400 out of 682 overall. Not too shabby! At about mile 11, I looked at the time on my phone, and, thinking we had started at 8:00, I thought, "Yay, I'm right on for my 2:20 time." It wasn't until right before the finish that I realized that we hadn't started until 8:10, so I was exceeding my goal! I was so stoked.

The first 9 miles or so weren't too bad. The scenery the first few miles was definitely nothing to get excited about. We were along some railroad tracks and on the outskirts of Davis, and there was literally nothing to look at except for the tracks and some industrial buildings. It was pretty cold, but I was so happy it wasn't raining. I'll take the cold over the least California cold. I didn't use my MP3 at all...I kind of enjoyed the quietness and watching all the runners. I also had my little notes that everyone had written me, and I figured it would be hard to pray for each person if I was listening to music at the same time.

Chris and Caleb and Joshy met me at miles 6 and 8, which was nice. Around mile 4, I came upon a dad (I think) with his son that didn't look more than 8 years old. The dad kept pushing him saying, "hurry up! We've got to keep under a 9-minute mile! Keep it moving!" I felt really bad for the poor boy. His little legs were jamming, though! The dad at one point told the boy he was going to stop for a minute, and that the boy needed to keep going at the same pace. The dad then stepped off onto the side of the path, and proceeded to take a whiz right there! Yuck. I guess that's the convenience of being a male. I lost them around mile 11 when they took off and I was left in their dust. =)

Once I hit mile 10, I seriously thought I might keel over. My knees were burning and mentally I was struggling. I read through the last 4 notes because I wasn't sure if I would be able to focus at the beginning of each of the last few miles. I just prayed off and on for the rest of the time, not necessarily for the whole mile. I wanted someone to chat with so bad. There was an older guy, who said he was 50 (although he did look quite a bit older) who kept trying to strike up conversations with me, but he kind of annoyed me. He wasn't my dear Amber. I wanted her there!

I don't think I have ever been so happy as I was yesterday to see the numbers 11, 12 and 13. When I saw the 13-mile marker, I actually yelled, "YES!" outloud. I was sooo happy to be nearing the end.

When I came down the road to the finish, I saw Chris and the boys and my aunt and uncle and cousins waiting, and it was awesome! I could barely walk for a few minutes, but after stretching I felt a bit better. Yesterday my knees were pretty tight, but today, I'm just completely sore in my legs. It's wonderful!!! No joint pain, just muscle pain. I can't believe it. I am so happy my body held up, and that I haven't done any permanent damage. =)

I am so happy I did this. I remember back in August when I started training, and I could barely run 3 miles, and I thought that 13.1 miles seemed like an impossible feat. I just can't believe I made it! So now I have the 1/2 marathon on May 2nd to look forward to with Amber, and then after that, I think it's 10k's for me. I'm gonna try to improve my time on those. Maybe one day when the kids are older I'll want to go further with my running, but for now, this is good. =)

Here are some pics...after the professional ones are posted, I'll post them here.

Here's mom and I before the race started.

...And Dick and I...

Here I am at mile 6...still feeling good!

Mile 8...see that guy with no shirt on behind me? That's the 50-year-old that annoyed me. =)

Ok, is that guy behind me eating his lunch?

About to cross the finish line...SO happy!

All done!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Less than 48 hours!

I can't believe race time is almost here! I am so nervous. Especially since I have so much family coming to cheer me on at the finish line. Yikes. I hope I make it there alive. I feel confident that I can complete it...I'm just hoping I don't have to walk a lot of it. I think it's going to seem incredibly long since I have no one to run it with. Hopefully all the music my brother-in-law downloaded to my MP3 player will keep me moving. And, at least I have a note for the beginning of each mile to read. That'll give me something to look forward to. The race is all flat, so there won't be any torturous hills to deal with. I don't wanna stop to go potty...hopefully my bladder doesn't overreact to all the running. =)

Well, I won't write again until I give my race report. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post, too. I'm still trying to figure out if I should pin my bib to my outer shirt or under shirt...I hear they don't post your pictures if you don't have a bib on...don't know if that's true or not.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, only 9 days until my race! We ran about 7.5 last Saturday, and just did 4 miles Tuesday and today. Saturday we're doing 5...then I'm doing one more 4-miler on Tuesday, and then taking it easy until race day! This morning's run felt great. I'm totally excited for the race...hoping for great weather. And wondering who in my family will actually write me notes for the beginning of each mile. (They each have one mile dedicated to them--except for Chris, he gets all the evens--and I will pray for them during their mile.) I asked that they each write a *short* note to me to read at the beginning of each mile. I will have them pinned to my shirt, and will just pull it off as I go. We'll see who actually does it. So far, just my sister and mom have sent me theirs. Amber is taking the first mile, and I know she won't flake on me. =)

Sooo...that's about it for now. I see a glimmer of hope at the end of our weekday runs...there is starting to be sunlight on the horizon by the time we're done!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Batman! We ran 12.3 miles!

I found out yesterday that my 1/2 marathon's date was changed from Feb. 1st to Feb. 8th. I guess that's good since it gives me one more week to prepare...and now my in-laws will be able to watch a few of the kids so Chris can come cheer me on at the finish line!

Today we ran a 12.3-mile route around Loomis and Granite Bay. I wasn't feeling as chipper this week, but did pretty good until about mile 9 or 10. My groin muscle was really aggravated, but my knees actually did pretty well. I seriously felt like the last 2 miles were *torture*! If Amber wouldn't have been there, I probably would have wimped out and walked the rest of the way. I'm glad she was there, though.

My groin muscle still hurts, but definitely not near as badly as before. My knees actually feel it a bit more now. Weird.

In other news, I canceled my gym membership last week. It's just not as convenient for me to go anymore with 5 kids to cart around. I guess the plus side is that I won't have to smell Mr. Putrid anymore...
I bought a Pilates video and Jillian's (from Biggest Loser) 30-day shred video, but haven't gotten in the mail yet. Hopefully I'll start those after my race.

I still can't believe I actually ran TWELVE point THREE miles today! How the heck did this non-athletic girl get to this point??? Did I mention yet that my resting heart rate has gone from 79 (in September) to 56 in 4 months?! How crazy is that? Who would have known how hard my little heart was working all that time! I'm just so thankful that my body has held up with my running so far...even with the aches and pains and occasional thoughts of keeling over, it has been well worth it. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed I can make it a few more weeks and complete my race. I'm tapering for the next 2 weeks, so I'm not anticipating any craziness, but you just never know!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well, it's been about a month since we did a "long" run. Our last long one was 10.6...since then I haven't done more than 7. It's only 3 weeks until the race, so I wanted to do 11 today, 12 next week, and then taper for 2 weeks until the race on Feb. 1st. I was worried about how the run would go today. It would either go really well since my knees have had a nice break, or be really tough since it's been so long since our last long run. I decided that I really wanted to take 1-minute walk breaks every 4-5 miles and see if that helped my knees.

I felt *awesome* for the first 6 miles or so...I think it's because I ate a great breakfast before I left...a banana, a handful of blueberries and a spoonful of peanut butter. I was seriously feeling *good*! After that, my knees started to hurt a bit, and that darned groin muscle started to bother me. We took 1-minute walk breaks at miles 5, 8 and 10. The last mile was killing me, but as soon as I got home, I stretched really good, took an Ibuprofen and massaged some Bengay on my knees. After a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat, a cup of coffee and a shower, I seriously felt incredible. I don't know if I've ever felt that good after a long run. I mean, I don't want to go out and run another 10 miles or anything, but I feel great! I feel so encouraged...I'm hoping that I can plunk out a 12-miler next week with such success. I still don't know if my positive outcome was due to the fact that I hadn't been pushing my knees too much this past month, or if it was from taking walk breaks. Probably a combination of both. Either way, I'm definitely going to try that method again next week.

I'm nervous about the race, but after today, at least I feel like I can do it!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Spontaneous run...

Today I had to take my car in to get its oil changed. I decided since it would take about an hour, I would wear my running clothes and get a 3-4 mile run in while I waited. It was raining today, and when I got there, I found out my tires needed to be replaced. So, it would be 2 hours instead of 1. Chris mapped out a 6-mile route for me, and off I went. It was only a light drizzle when I left, but it *poured* after about the first mile or so. The rain was coming in sideways! I was freezing, but it felt good...I think the mileage ended up being around 5.5, but it was more than I had originally planned for! I love when I get an extra run in when I'm not expecting it. =)