Friday, October 31, 2008


Well, yesterday I crossed the 100-mile finish line! Amber and I ran 4 miles (two 2-mile loops), and when I got home, I logged in my run--I ended up having mileage of 100.28 for the month! This morning I "slept in" until about 6:10 and enjoyed my morning off before I run my longest run yet tomorrow--8 miles! It should be an interesting run, given it's supposed to be raining in the morning. I've never actually run in the rain yet, but I'm hoping my new windbreaker will help keep the moisture out, while not making me heat up too much.

Today is's a costume I thought was too funny not to post. =) Happy Halloween, everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Return of Mr. Putrid...

Today is normally my day off, but seeing that Friday is Halloween and I'll be stuffing my face with sweet goodies instead of running, I figured I better get some mileage in today. I got to the gym at about 8:30 a.m. and looked for an open treadmill. There are about 15 treadmills with t.v.'s and another 10 or so without any form of entertainment attached to them. I am not a person who can run endlessly on a black belt while staring off into oblivion, though. Having a t.v. to watch helps that time to pass much more quickly. Anyhoo, the first couple treadmills were taken, so I walked further down the aisle toward the only available one. I hopped onto it, happy that I was able to snag it before someone else, and wondering if maybe there was something wrong with it--why else would it be vacant during such a peak time? Maybe the t.v. wasn't working...or maybe the belt wasn't....or maybe when I turned it on it would go faster, and faster, and faster...but alas, I pressed the power button and all was well.

Now, when I chose the treadmill, I wasn't paying attention to who was running next to me. About a 1/4 mile into my 4-mile run, I noticed a familiar smell. Actually, it's an understatement to say "smell." It was a
stench. A funk that I haven't forgotten since my encounter with Mr. Putrid a few weeks ago. I looked to my right. No, miss blondy wearing a sports bra and short shorts couldn't be seeping that awful scent, could she? I looked to my left. Aaahhh. There he was. Mr. Putrid in all his glory. I desperately looked down the line of treadmills to see if another one had opened up, but no such luck. No wonder this one had been vacant! Now there were a number of "regular" treadmills with no t.v.'s available, but was I really willing to sacrifice my entertainment in order to maintain my ability to breathe? Of course not. I squinted my eyes to see how far the man had gone: .46 miles. GREAT! Now I had no idea how far he intended on going, but I imagined he still had a ways to go. Mr. Putrid, afterall, is in pretty darn good shape. It's amazing that such a horrible smell could come out of his body. He does have a lot of body hair poking out of his shirt...maybe that is contributing to his problem.

So, I bucked up, breathed as much as I could through my mouth, and completed my 4 miles. Actually, when I was in the middle of my 2nd mile, Mr. Putrid left. It's weird, but his scent lingered for a good 10 minutes after he was gone. Really, someone ought to tell that man that he STINKS! Who knows? Maybe people (women, in particular) have been avoiding this poor man for who knows how long...maybe he should see a doctor. I mean, really, I have NOT smelled anything like this man before in my life.

Onto other things...tomorrow is my last run for the month--I'm set to do 4 miles with Amber in the a.m., which will put me at just over 100 miles for October. Yay me!

Monday, October 27, 2008

4 more days!

My 100-mile goal for October ends Friday. If I can do my 5 miles tomorrow, 4 miles Thursday and 4 miles on Friday, I'll have met my goal by like .03 miles! I can't believe it. My runs in the dark with Amber have been great. If I could get myself up at 5:15 every day, I think I'd do it the rest of the week, but I just don't want to graduate to that yet. =)

We did 7 miles on was a beautiful run. We started at 6:30 a.m., so it was dark, but about 20 minutes into our run it started to get a little bit light. It was so peaceful and serene watching the sun rise over the country fields, and the weather was perfect for running. I think it's time for me to get new shoes, although it's only been a bit over 3 months since I bought my last pair. I had to ice my knees after our run. Usually for a few months after I get new shoes, my knees are good to go. I don't know if it's just my increased mileage, or me wearing through my shoes faster. I think I need to be more diligent about changing my shoes after I'm done running. They are WAY too expensive to have to buy a pair every 3 months! Usually when I run at the gym, I'll end up wearing the same shoes until I get home in the afternoon, and I need to stop doing that.

So far, I'm on track for the 1/2 on Feb. 1st. I hope I stay injury-free and illness-free so I can keep on schedule!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little behind...

I ran 5 miles with Amber yesterday morning! Man, it felt great to get that much mileage done by 6:30 a.m.! My hamstrings were still tight from my lack of stretching after the race, and for part of the run, it felt like the socket that connects my upper thigh to my hip was going to explode, but other than that, I was good to go. =) At about mile 4, Amber took a fall. Poor's still pitch black outside when we run, and although we both have flashlights, it's still hard to see the nooks and crannies and cracks in the sidewalks. I've tripped multiple times, but have been lucky enough not to fully bite the dust. She was ok, though, and I was actually happy that she wanted to walk for a minute after her fall since my right hamstring felt like it was about to sever.

After the run, I made sure to stretch *really* good. My legs felt much better today, and since it's my day off, I enjoyed the re-coop time. I felt like I was fighting off a cold yesterday, and woke up this morning feeling a little worse, so it's good that I already planned to have the day off. Tomorrow we're doing 4 miles, Friday is another 4 planned, and Saturday I'm hoping to do my longest run yet--7 miles! I'm hoping Amber can come with me to make it go faster.

I'm at 68.5 miles for the month right's going to be close meeting my goal. I'm planning on only taking 1 day off this week instead of two to get my mileage in...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Finished the 10K!

My goal was to beat 60 minutes, and I did it! My time was 58:12, and I ranked 18 out of 38. I placed 2nd in my age division! Woo hoo! Stupid me didn't stretch when I was done, and I'm still feeling the ramifications in my hamstrings. Won't make that mistake again...

Friday, October 17, 2008

1/2 Way There! my 100-mile goal, that is! Today I ran a meager 3 miles at the gym. I didn't want to work too hard since I have my 10k tomorrow. I'm now at 53.11 miles for the month. Woo hoo! I don't know that I'll get to the 100 miles, though, since I start my 1/2 marathon training Monday, and the first few weeks don't call for as high of mileage.

As I ran today, I watched "Spiderman" on tv. Well, actually, I pretty much watched commercials since every two minutes another one came on. But what I saw of the movie was pretty good.

Tonight I'm going out with girls from high school. I'm so stoked to get out of the house and away from the kids for I love them and all, but it sure is nice to be able to hang out with girls and talk about whatever we want, eat as slow as I want, and only have to worry about feeding myself. We're meeting at a Mexican restaurant, though. Not the best choice for the night before my race. We all know what Mexican food does to your tummy, and I don't really want to be in mile 4 and having to make a pit stop on the side of the road...

So, tomorrow's the big day! I really really really want to break 60 minutes on my time!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Felt good to get back outside running this morning. Yesterday I did 4 miles on the treadmill, but it's just not the same. This morning it was cool, crisp and clear. The moon was full--or nearly--and gave us some natural light in the dark. This was helpful since my mini-flashlight is virtually worthless with its quarter-sized light output. I picked up my new windbreaker yesterday from REI and was so excited to wear it today! (Yes, it's the little things...) I was very happy with its performance. We ran 4 miles, and the jacket kept me warm, but not *too* warm. I didn't feel like I was sealed in a big black plastic bag like I did with my old windbreaker.

Only 3 more days until my 10k! Looking forward to it being done so I can continue on with my 1/2 marathon training...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I was supposed to run today...

...but disappointed myself. I woke up vaguely sore from my run yesterday. Knee 1 and Knee 2 told me it wasn't a good idea to run 5 miles today. I was a bit disgruntled. How am I supposed to meet my 100-mile goal this month if I don't get in my 25 miles this week? I had to make an important decision--run today, and risk injuring myself, but keep the mileage I need, or take a day off and lose my mileage and save my knees some unnecessary pain. I chose the latter. I felt a bit discouraged all day, feeling like I let myself down, but I think it was the right decision. This one day of missing a run probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but I really am taking my goal seriously. I have never challenged myself like this, and I truly do want to exceed my expectations...Hopefully tomorrow my legs will be done protesting, and I'll be back on the treadmill for 5 miles and a possible encounter with Mr. Putrid.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ice crystals on my esophagus...

This morning I ran the route that I'll be running in the 10k next weekend. I wanted to know what I am in for. Have you ever been in really cold weather and felt like you're breathing in cold liquid air that turns into ice crystals once it hits your throat? Well, imagine that while running up Machu Picchu. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it was pretty bad.

Before I left our house, I checked the temperature online. It said 47 degrees, but "feels like" 37. Ok, I can deal with that. I got my ear cover on, my hood and gloves and got in the car to drive to the start line. I started my run at 7:03 a.m. The first 1/10th of a mile was fine...but then I hit a big hill. I seriously thought I was going to be crystallized from the inside out. My esophagus felt like it was on fire...which really doesn't make sense since it was freezing, right? Anyway, up until this point in my running, my knees have been holding up amazingly well. I've invested in some great running shoes that have virtually eliminated my pain. Well, after hitting mile .00002, my knees started to scream for me to stop the torture. I kept saying to myself, "mind over matter...mind over matter..." (that's my mantra while I really is true. The majority of the time, my legs are not REALLY going to fall off, and my lungs aren't REALLY going to shrivel up into little ice cubes, I just need to conquer the discouragement...), but I think the cold must have made my knees into some kind of old person's arthritic cousin.

I kept thinking about a friend of mine who is training for a marathon and told me to invest in a pair of running tights and a covering for my mouth for when I run in cold weather. I don't think I understood the importance of these little gems until today. As much as I don't want to be seen in a pair of spandex tights, I realize I already look like a fool running down the road with my "water fanny pack" and non-runner's stride, so what do I have to lose?

After the first mile, my lungs began to thaw and the pain there wasn't so bad. My knees fell asleep a couple times, and kept arguing with me about what I am putting them through, but they made it to the end of the 6.1 miles and I rewarded them with a nice rub-down when I got home. 59 minutes...I don't know if I'll have that good of a time next week, since I wasn't *exactly* sure where the start and finish lines will be, but I was happy with that today. The run was absolutely beautiful...gorgeous countryside, the smell of know, all the things you just won't find in the city.

Friday, October 10, 2008

33 miles so far...

...this month! I plunked out 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym today. The man next to me had a foul odor that kept drifting my way. It was bad. I mean, not just a mild scent--I mean a choking thickness of noxious air. Needless to say, this affected my running performance. As I attempted to watch a full episode of Regis and Kelly, my mind kept wandering back to the distress my nose was in. Finally, after 3.4 miles, smelly man stopped his treadmill and left to go torture someone else on weights.

Once he was gone, I could focus more on my task at hand. Mile 5 was especially hard today, most likely because I lost brain cells from my encounter with Mr. Putrid. But, I finished in 53 minutes, and felt great when I was done. I stepped outside into the wind and took a few deep breaths to cleanse any toxic remnants left from my new nemesis.

I'm feeling good...trying to decide which 1/2 marathon training guide I want to follow. I have until February to be ready for the Davis Stampede, so plenty of time. I just hope Mr. Putrid doesn't make it a regular habit to frequent treadmills near me...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guess what I found today?

A calf muscle! I'm serious. I come from a long line of non-calf-bearing people...we don't have calf muscles. Just ask my sister--we have normal thighs that taper down to chicken legs at the bottom. While getting dressed this morning, I actually noticed a *hint* of definition in my lower leg! I had to do a double-take since this is uncharted territory for me. I think I am finally starting to notice some physical changes from all this running. I've lost 3 pounds, but I'm not really doing this to lose weight. I would, however, not mind looking like the girl on front of the Runner's World magazine that sits on the table in my family room. She seems awful happy to be running across the page, smiling and without any of the given pain that often accompanies me on my runs.

Anyhoo, this morning Amber and I ran 3 miles. Once again, it flew by. Who knew having some mental stimulation could make things go by so much faster? When I got home, I saw that Amber had accepted my "friend request" on Facebook, so I clicked on her page to peruse her photos. You know what I found out? Amber, who I thought was a beginning runner like me, FINISHED A MARATHON last year! What?! Here I was, thinking I needed to keep our runs somewhat short since I didn't really know if she did any long-distance runs...and she's already completed the goal I'm working toward! After the initial shock, I realized what a great resource I have! Who better to help me meet my objective than someone who is in the same life stage as me--with little ones at home--and has already completed the goal!

So, tomorrow holds 5 miles for me. Wish I had a treadmill right now, 'cuz I feel like I could get a good run in instead of sitting here typing. Saturday I'm practicing the route for my 10k on the 18th. Should be a good couple days of running...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day off...

Today was my day off. I thought I would really enjoy not running today, but I think I might be getting addicted. I craved a run today! Am I normal? I swear at night I can't fall asleep because I'm thinking about the next day's run, or mapping out (in my mind) where my next route will go. I feel like an addict, because as soon as I'm done with a run, I'm thinking about where my next one will be! I suppose it's a good thing to be addicted to.

I feel badly, though, because that is how I should feel about playing with my kids, reading my Bible, spending time with God...but it seems my mental priority has shifted to running. I'm not content with this. I mean, I think it's good for me to have something that I really love doing, especially since it involves keeping myself healthy, but I need to be careful that my priorities stay in the right place. I need to make sure that God keeps His position on the top of my list, and then hopefully the rest will fall into place.

I guess it's probably the "newness" of it all...the fact that I have found a hobby that I enjoy and am still sticking with it is exciting to me! I love having a goal to work toward...hmm..maybe I need to incorporate that goal-minded mentality into my relationship with God, too. If I can set my mind to some kind of goal to achieve in that area, maybe I can maintain some freshness in my relationship with Him while also working toward to figure out what that goal would be...

Tomorrow I'm back to running--I'm doing 3 miles with Amber in the a.m. Maybe I'll talk to her about my dilemma...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cool, crisp morning...

Last week, I asked a mom of one of the kids in Caleb's class if she would be interested in running with me Tue/Thur. mornings. I have never run with anyone before, but Chris won't let me run by myself in the dark, and I really need to get more mileage in, so I needed to find someone to keep me company. =)

So, Amber was kind enough to become my running partner. This morning was our first day of running together. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous since we really don't know each other, and since I've never run with anyone, I didn't want it to be awkward. We met at 5:45 at the end of her street, and were supposed to do a 3.1 mile run. I can't believe how quickly time flies when I have someone to chat with! We missed one of our turns, though, and ended up only doing 2.5 miles, and it seriously FLEW by. I couldn't believe it was already over. Amber is totally sweet, and it doesn't seem like we'll have a problem thinking of things to talk about. =)

I'm looking forward to the time change merely for the fact that it will get lighter earlier. It was pitch black outside when we ran, and although Amber was great and brought her flashlight, I always enjoy being able to see mailboxes before I run into them. =) I never actually made contact with a mailbox, but I had some close calls...

Yesterday I bought this jacket:
It was on sale for $49, which is the best deal I have found on what I'm looking for. Hope it does what it needs to...I'm so excited to get it! I need something for when it's drizzling outside, and to keep the wind off when it starts getting cold.

Well, with 2.5 miles under my belt today, I am at exactly 25 miles for the week! I really want to keep this up to meet my 100 mile goal. I think I'm going to read this book: I don't think I can commit to a marathon any time soon, but I'm thinking I'll at least want to do a 1/2 sometime in the next year...

Tomorrow is my first day off in 6 days. I think my body needs a day to recooperate, but I'm looking forward to Thursday morning's run!

Monday, October 6, 2008

First Blog on Running....

Ok, so I've been training for a 10k for about 10 weeks now. I wish I would have started this back at the beginning, because now I can't remember all the little details about my progress. This isn't my first 10k. Last year, I ran the Loomis MandaRun 10k without training for it...and about killed myself! I did some running before the race, but it was all on the treadmill, and I only got up to 5 miles, and a 10k is 6.1 miles. So this year, I decided I would train the right way--both on the treadmill AND outside. When I started the One Hour Runner training program: I literally couldn't run more than 2 miles (more like 1.5) without feeling completely beat. I really did not think I would stick with the program and actually be running an hour at a time 9 weeks later!

Last weekend, I ran 6.4 miles--my farthest yet--in 67 minutes! No stopping, either! I am so thrilled to have stuck with something and actually accomplished my goal! Last month I set a 50-mile goal for the month, and ended up going about 60 miles. This month, I set a 100-mile goal using ! I'll be happy if I can make it to 80 miles, but so far, I'm on track to complete my goal! I am still in awe of that...since Oct. 1st, I've already run 22.5 miles! Holy cow! Tomorrow morning I'm running 3 miles with a gal, and that will put me right at the 25-miles-per-week that I need to meet my 100-mile goal!

I honestly can say that if I have gotten this far, *anyone* can do it! I have grown up as a non-sports-playing, uncoordinated, wimpy girl! I actually feel like I am not the same person I was a few months food preferences are changing, my fitness level is dramatically increased, and my morale and confidence in my ability to accomplish something have skyrocketed! I can't wait for my race on the 18th and to see how close I can get to my monthly goal!