Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guess what I found today?

A calf muscle! I'm serious. I come from a long line of non-calf-bearing people...we don't have calf muscles. Just ask my sister--we have normal thighs that taper down to chicken legs at the bottom. While getting dressed this morning, I actually noticed a *hint* of definition in my lower leg! I had to do a double-take since this is uncharted territory for me. I think I am finally starting to notice some physical changes from all this running. I've lost 3 pounds, but I'm not really doing this to lose weight. I would, however, not mind looking like the girl on front of the Runner's World magazine that sits on the table in my family room. She seems awful happy to be running across the page, smiling and without any of the given pain that often accompanies me on my runs.

Anyhoo, this morning Amber and I ran 3 miles. Once again, it flew by. Who knew having some mental stimulation could make things go by so much faster? When I got home, I saw that Amber had accepted my "friend request" on Facebook, so I clicked on her page to peruse her photos. You know what I found out? Amber, who I thought was a beginning runner like me, FINISHED A MARATHON last year! What?! Here I was, thinking I needed to keep our runs somewhat short since I didn't really know if she did any long-distance runs...and she's already completed the goal I'm working toward! After the initial shock, I realized what a great resource I have! Who better to help me meet my objective than someone who is in the same life stage as me--with little ones at home--and has already completed the goal!

So, tomorrow holds 5 miles for me. Wish I had a treadmill right now, 'cuz I feel like I could get a good run in instead of sitting here typing. Saturday I'm practicing the route for my 10k on the 18th. Should be a good couple days of running...