Monday, October 6, 2008

First Blog on Running....

Ok, so I've been training for a 10k for about 10 weeks now. I wish I would have started this back at the beginning, because now I can't remember all the little details about my progress. This isn't my first 10k. Last year, I ran the Loomis MandaRun 10k without training for it...and about killed myself! I did some running before the race, but it was all on the treadmill, and I only got up to 5 miles, and a 10k is 6.1 miles. So this year, I decided I would train the right way--both on the treadmill AND outside. When I started the One Hour Runner training program: I literally couldn't run more than 2 miles (more like 1.5) without feeling completely beat. I really did not think I would stick with the program and actually be running an hour at a time 9 weeks later!

Last weekend, I ran 6.4 miles--my farthest yet--in 67 minutes! No stopping, either! I am so thrilled to have stuck with something and actually accomplished my goal! Last month I set a 50-mile goal for the month, and ended up going about 60 miles. This month, I set a 100-mile goal using ! I'll be happy if I can make it to 80 miles, but so far, I'm on track to complete my goal! I am still in awe of that...since Oct. 1st, I've already run 22.5 miles! Holy cow! Tomorrow morning I'm running 3 miles with a gal, and that will put me right at the 25-miles-per-week that I need to meet my 100-mile goal!

I honestly can say that if I have gotten this far, *anyone* can do it! I have grown up as a non-sports-playing, uncoordinated, wimpy girl! I actually feel like I am not the same person I was a few months food preferences are changing, my fitness level is dramatically increased, and my morale and confidence in my ability to accomplish something have skyrocketed! I can't wait for my race on the 18th and to see how close I can get to my monthly goal!