Friday, October 10, 2008

33 miles so far...

...this month! I plunked out 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym today. The man next to me had a foul odor that kept drifting my way. It was bad. I mean, not just a mild scent--I mean a choking thickness of noxious air. Needless to say, this affected my running performance. As I attempted to watch a full episode of Regis and Kelly, my mind kept wandering back to the distress my nose was in. Finally, after 3.4 miles, smelly man stopped his treadmill and left to go torture someone else on weights.

Once he was gone, I could focus more on my task at hand. Mile 5 was especially hard today, most likely because I lost brain cells from my encounter with Mr. Putrid. But, I finished in 53 minutes, and felt great when I was done. I stepped outside into the wind and took a few deep breaths to cleanse any toxic remnants left from my new nemesis.

I'm feeling good...trying to decide which 1/2 marathon training guide I want to follow. I have until February to be ready for the Davis Stampede, so plenty of time. I just hope Mr. Putrid doesn't make it a regular habit to frequent treadmills near me...