Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, it's been 13 days since my last entry. After a week of "ice massaging" 3x/day religiously, I was still having the same problem with my knee. I finally cut back to 1x/day. I have read pretty much everything I can about ITBS online...gone to every everyone's different experiences. Some people get over it in a week, some people in 6 months...It seems that many people have had good results from chiropractic treatment, and so I decided to make an appointment for this afternoon. The last week I seem to have good days and bad days...I can't find any connection between my activities and what aggravates the knee, though. It just seems to randomly come and go.

Chris is working late today, and Caleb has baseball practice, so I canceled my appointment for this afternoon. I'm tempted to just wait it out another few weeks to see where I'm at. I do think I'm having more "good" days than "bad," so maybe I'll wait...

In other news, my bike/elliptical came! I've used it twice so far, and am SO happy to be sweating again. As gross as that sounds, it feels so good to be exerting some energy. I've been really consistent with my push-ups and sit-ups...I'm up to 52 consecutive push-ups and am doing my test tomorrow to see if I can pull off 200 consecutive sit-ups. I'm going to try the 200 squat challenge, but not sure if my knee will like that. I'm just happy to not be completely sedentary anymore...I just hope I can get back out there running before the weather gets cold again and the mornings are dark!


Robin said...

I love my chiropractor, she fixes everything!! She does acupuncture too!! When I had my achilles bursa injury she fixed that!