Friday, April 10, 2009

Physical "Therapy"

Went to my physical therapy appointment yesterday. He thinks it's my IT Band, too. Made me feel somewhat validated...

For some reason, he says most of my problem may be congenital. What?! You mean a 1/2 East Indian, 1/2 translucent-white person isn't built as a runner?? Ok, ok, maybe we have brains, but not athleticism. Regardless, I still love to run. I want to be out there like peanut butter wants to be on jelly. Bad news--I'm not built like a runner. Good news--I can *kind of* train myself to run like a runner. I guess the way my pelvis lines up makes me slightly turn my feet/legs outward when I run...whereas many women tend to run a bit knock-kneed. The doc told me to focus on turning my feet inward a bit more while I'm running...will do, doc, as I'm trying not to trip over my own feet.

He also suggested that I stop using an "ice pack" and switch to an "ice cup." Never heard of it. He told me to freeze water in a styrofoam cup (guess he's not into that whole global warming thing...) and then trim off the top inch or so and rub it quickly on my knee until it turns red and numb. Sounds like a blast. I tried it today...ummm...I don't think my skin was meant to get frostbite. Anyhoo, I'll give it a try for a week...2x a day. He said by the middle of next week I should notice a big improvement. If not, back to him I'll go...but as much as I enjoyed the peace and quiet in the little room, I hope I never have to go back there. That would mean I'm not better.

Well, I'm off to rub my knee with frozen water until I can feel no more...


Robin said...

At least you are getting some answers. Hopefully with some retraining you'll be able to run again. Funny, I would have thought you looked like a typical runner!!