Saturday, November 29, 2008

Double Digits!

I can't even believe I'm writing this, but we broke double digits today!! 10.3 miles...
I had the world's worst sleep last night...I don't know what it is, but the nights before runs, I seem to always have odd dreams about my routes and I wake up all night. Quite annoying. So last night, I kept tossing and turning trying to get our route out of my head to no avail. At 4:45, I hear a bedroom door open, and out come two of the kids. Ummm...I DON'T think so! After Chris put them back to bed TWICE, there was no turning back. I was awake for good. So I lay there until about 5:15 and finally gave in and got up.

Now I did have a few things to look forward to this morning before my run. Yesterday I went to Fleet Feet and got myself a new pair of shoes! They're still Saucony, but they supposedly have extra cushioning that is supposed to make them last an extra 50-100 miles. We'll see...(Ok, is it sad that I like to share pictures of my shoes almost as much as I do of my kids??) Aren't they purrty? =)

While I was at Fleet Feet, I asked the gal helping me what I could do about this blister on my big toe that has been plaguing me for the better part of 2 months now. She recommended some running socks that don't have cotton in them...they have that cool "wicking" material that supposedly wicks the moisture away from your skin and then it evaporates. I wasn't really sold on it until I got home from our run and took my shoes off. Holy cow! My socks were almost completely dry! Amazing.

After buying my two new favorite things, the cashier kindly informed me that I'd earned a $25 credit to buy something in the store! Figuring that it will be awhile until I go back, I decided to not let the reward burn a hole in my pocket. =) I went ahead and bought a new running bra. Oh my goodness, the difference that makes! It's like I'm a man when I run now! I'll just leave it at that instead of going into a long description of why I like it so much. =)

Anyhoo, I actually made it the WHOLE run today without stopping to walk at all. I was so happy that I actually did it! Again, around mile 8, my knees felt big time pressure, but I think the shoes helped a bit in that it wasn't sharp pain like I felt before. When we were done, I was hurting pretty bad, but after stretching and my regular post-run routine, they feel good! Just some residual tightness.

Well, this post got to be kind of long...sorry about that. Lots to be excited about! New shoes, new socks, new bra....and 10.3 miles!