Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's amazing what a little practice can get you...

Ok, yesterday Amber and I ran 9.5 miles around Loomis and Penryn. I got a gorgeous picture of the sunrise coming up over some beautiful rolling hills and a little pond...and for some reason, the thumbnail of the photo in my phone is great, but when I try to send it or open it, it zooms way in and can't be seen. So, I guess I can't post it here until someone who is more technologically advanced than I am can figure it out for me.

But, onto our run...the middle section between miles 3 and 6 had some great up and down slopes. I had to make Amber walk once on a hill, but I should have just pushed through it. That's easy to say now that it's Sunday, and I'm not suffering through burning calves...oh, well. My knees did pretty good until about mile 7, and I had to ask Amber once again to walk for a few seconds so I could give them a minute to breathe.

I decided this week, I would preempt the excruciating pain I experienced last week and took an Ibuprofen and rubbed some Bengay on as soon as I got home. I don't know if it was that, or if this week's run was just not as difficult as last week's, but my legs were actually just "normally sore." I woke up this morning, and felt great! Yay.

Next week we go back down to 8 miles for our long run...pshaw! Piece of cake! =)