Monday, November 10, 2008


So Saturday after my run, I felt pretty darn good. My legs were a tad sore, but my knees were SO much better than they normally are. I think the Glucosamine I started taking a few weeks ago is actually helping! Usually by mile 4 or 5, my knees are protesting my attempts as an athlete, but last week I noticed a big difference in how they felt. BUT, Saturday evening the repercussions of my 9-miler really started to kick in. During church, I kept sitting down during the songs as I started to feel tightness in my knees and some burning behind them. By about 6:30 that night, behind my knees were burning SO bad...I iced them, but the pain was just burning through it! I didn't have any Ibuprofen, so Chris was a wonderful husband and ran to the store to pick some up for me. He also grabbed some Bengay. As soon as he got home, I rubbed the backs of my knees with the Bengay and took an Ibuprofen. I also kept the ice on for another hour or so. By bed time, I was starting to feel better, but feared what the next morning would bring. =)

I woke up on Sunday and felt great! My calves were sore (and still are), but it was a good kind of sore. No more pain in the knees! I decided to take Sunday and Monday off to let my body re-coop, and we're on for 5 miles tomorrow a.m. Hopefully my legs will be ready to perform by then. =)