Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Run in the Rain...

Well, after a fun night of trick-or-treating and contentment with the fact that the rain stopped for a few hours while we went door-to-door, I woke up this morning to more rain. I was hoping Amber was still cool with running, even though we hadn't really discussed what we would do in the event of rain. She showed up right on time at 7:00. It was more like "showers" at the time, not torrential rain by any means. However, I have never run in the rain, and was a little curious to see how running my longest run in conditions I wasn't used to would go.

Initially, it was a little hard to adjust to. It still wasn't all the way light outside yet, and the combination of rain and poor lighting made for some bad visibility. But, after about 20 minutes, it became lighter and it wasn't so bad. Actually, after the first couple miles I started to kind of enjoy it! I felt pretty rugged out there in the rain. I felt like one of those runners who I would pass while driving in my car, and think, "What would possess someone to be out running in this weather?!" It felt good. The time flew by, and in the end we ended up doing 8.5 miles! I'm still a little bit shocked about that. I'm getting so close to double digits! Crazy.


robinandamelia said...

That's terrific!! Did you notice much fo a difference in how you felt?

Shanti said...

I felt great afterwards! I think I actually felt better after running in the rain than I would on a sunny day! It was really refreshing. =)